About Us

There’s nothing more rewarding than spending quality time with the people we care about. 

Sun & Soul aims to help you and your family create great memories you’ll love to treasure. 

Beyond the relaxation and health benefits spas offer, Sun & Soul Spas™ are all about bringing people together.

Have fun and enjoy life

A vibrant, fulfilling life is one with balance; a blend of health and well-being mixed with plenty of laughter and fun.

And we’re here to help you achieve exactly that.

Our spas represent an opportunity to relax your mind, body and soul. To unwind after a long day, breathe in the fresh air, enjoy the restorative powers of water, and soak up the sun’s natural energy.

But a stronger connection to your environment is only half the equation.

The connection you share with the special people in your life is every bit as important.

So, our spas are also a place to nurture those bonds. To splash about with the kids and spend quality time with your significant other; to share stories with old friends, and make fresh memories with new ones.

The result? Richer relationships, a healthier body, and a better mindset – because fun is good for the SOUL.

Why choose Sun & Soul™?

If you're looking for quality and value-for-money spas - Sun & Soul Spas™ is the answer!

Our 65+ years of experience in the industry makes us one of the most trusted spa brands globally. 

When you own a Sun & Soul™ Spa you have peace of mind that your spa is built to last and won’t let you down – from easy maintenance and durability to the quality of the hydromassage and in-spa experience.

We are committed to ensuring that our products and services exceed your expectations.